BrainLitter – Now you can give Beers of Thanks


Beer Me!

Ok, I’ve been told I’ve helped a number of people, over the years, with my postings (in newsgroups and such) and my blog ( And people always tell me oh, I owe you a beer”, or “if you were nearby, I’d drop you a six pack” or “if you are ever in (insert your city here), be sure to ring me up and I’ll buy you a beer”.

Ok folks. Time to put your money where your mouth is. If the information I posted helped you (saved you hours of aggravation, helped you bring that key business or banking system online, etc. as I’ve been told), then buy me that beer, now…

Introducing “Sean’s Virtual Beertender”.


  • Simply tell me who you are (if you want to)
  • Tell me how to reach you (if you want to)
  • Buy me that beer (Note: you don’t need PayPal – the system will happily accept your credit card)


Simply go to the link below, and fill out the form…


Buy Sean A Beer