SharePoint is Amazing – Nobody is Happy

I’m a SharePoint fan (and presumably one of the reasons M$ expressed interest in awarding me the MVP, of which I’m very proud of the consideration).  Maybe I’m even a bit of a homer about it (a homer, for all you non-hockey fans is someone that backs up your team and only sees the positive, even when you are awful – and being a true blue Leafs fan, I’m definitely a homer at the moment there too – which is tough living out West with all the Canuckleheads … but that is another story).


Anyways, I loves me some SharePoint – an endless abyss of things to learn, try and share.  And I teach SharePoint classes on occasion and I’m always amazed at the griping I hear about SharePoint and it’s *lack* of this or that.  And let’s face it, 9 times out of 10, the issue is poor planning or lack of fundamental knowledge before ‘turning it on’.  So, we have this fantastic platform and architecture, that has been maturing over many years with a solid framework to keep it being (IMHO), the most important product to come out of Microsoft in their history (which is saying a lot for a company worth a quadztrillion dollars).  We have  a very powerful end user interface and collaboration tool that allows folks to get at their stuff, from anywhere, at anytime on virtually anything – with a very complex backend engine based on all sorts of technologies (SQL, IIS, ASP.NET and on and on).  What do people expect for crying out loud?


Anyways, the purpose of this post, was to share this YouTube video – a short rant on Conan O’brien by Louis CK entitled ‘Everything is Amazing, Nobody is Happy‘.   For me, this is how I feel about SharePoint – this is an amazing platform (and industry leader – yes, I’m pointing at you Google, with your trickling of non-intersecting applications and services that don’t play together) and yet, nobody is happy.


Enjoy – I think it’s worth the 4 minutes and 12 seconds –


The good news is … the Internet and infrastructure is maturing all the time and gaining speed and throughput.  Browsers, applications and frameworks are maturing at a rapid rate, and more and more, people are accepting web-based services and applications as ready to use … and all of this will result in the tidal wave that is SharePoint to continue to gain traction.



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    1. Thanks for the heads up Richard. While I can detect some thinly veiled sarcasm there ;), I appreciate the info all the same and I’ve update the post. Leftover from a long ago blog migration that had a few hiccups.

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