Training is Dead – Long Live Cloud Solutions Coaching

Tired of taking an entire day off of work to sit through a training course? Sick of spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars per person for generalized training? Frustrated when staff come back with training and don’t have any valuable outcomes?

We feel the same way.

That’s why Regroove doesn’t offer traditional training courses. We firmly believe that the traditional training model no longer works. That’s why when you work with Regroove, you avoid:

  • Lecture halls and large class sizes.
  • Course outlines and manuals.
  • Limited scheduling and availability.
  • Generic topics and irrelevant examples.
  • Written tests and evaluations.
  • Death by PowerPoint.

The Future of Learning is in Coaching

We believe in coaching sessions that give you the most value for your investment. That’s why we always offer:

  • 1:1 or small group sessions.
  • Discussions driven by the participant’s questions.
  • Learning on your system to keep understanding in-context to your organization.
  • A pace and technical level that matches your requirements.
  • A choice of presentation, live demo, or both.
  • Recorded sessions to help build an organizational knowledge base.
  • Custom documentation on procedures and processes specific to your organization when required or requested.

Coaching with Regroove

At Regroove, we work with our clients to ensure they get the most out of their customized training. It starts with a customized survey and/or meeting with the Cloud Coach to ensure we understand the content that needs covered, the learners who will be in the room, and the end goal for the organization. We work with client stakeholders to plan a session or sessions in the client’s environment to help build an organizational knowledge base. We record our coaching sessions for future training purposes, and we provide a post-coaching survey on request to help demonstrate the value of our customized coaching process and identify future areas to focus on.

Our ability and our success is rooted in results – check out some of our Success Stories to see how past clients have benefitted from our custom coaching program!

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