Benefits of Small Scale Coaching

Previously, we’ve written about the benefits of coaching, and why your business might need it. Here’s the gist of why coaching is beneficial:

In a world where technology is connected to nearly everything we do, understanding that technology and how it applies to your organization is paramount to your success. Just as [Sidney] Crosby has a coach specifically for speed and agility, power plays, and for the team as a whole, your business can benefit from a cloud solutions coach to help identify issues, build team collaboration, and develop internal knowledge.

Kayla Whitesel – Why You Need A Cloud Solutions Coach

In this blog, I’ll talk about the benefits of small-scale coaching over large-scale learning, and how Regroove can help!

The Issue With Large-Scale Learning

While large-scale technical courses or conferences can provide broad strokes learning for the employees of an organization, are they the most conducive to productivity?

Many companies offer large-scale learning opportunities for employees. These often come in the form of a physical class or webinar where a mix of employees from several different disciplines – and with several different needs – converge for learning. The teacher or trainer would need to present with examples generic enough so that they would be somewhat applicable to each differing employee in attendance. If people don’t know what they specifically need to learn, can it be ensured that they learn it in this setting without tuning anything out?

The Coaching Advantage

Smaller scale online coaching can alleviate many of the issues which arise within large-scale learning.

Understanding the needs of a particular organization is paramount, and according to Cloud technology Coach and Consultant Kelly LaForest, “change management is a part of every project. Coaching helps prepare staff for that change by giving them a safe space to talk about their concerns and address their questions while the change is happening in a timely way.”

Technology, ideologies, and priorities can consistently change within a project or organization. Small-scale coaching can better address the inevitability of change than a large-scale class or seminar can as it provides greater opportunity for the coach and individual (or small group) to work together on specific things which need addressing. Individuals in attendance at a large-scale seminar may likely have completely differing needs, which renders the ability for the presenter of the course to satisfy each of those needs highly unlikely.

Why Regroove?

“What we do is meet with every client and understand what actually matters to their organization. We’re not going to apply concepts that aren’t applicable” says Kelly. “Every coaching session starts with a thorough interview with a key contact. [This helps us] understand from a cultural perspective how an organization sets up their things.”

Understanding the cultural perspective of an organization or team is key to providing the best possible service from a coaching perspective. The next step is for a coach to take that information and deliver it in the most productive way possible to the client. “We use live demonstrations in the app so the audience can see how a concept actually works instead of just talking about the theory behind an action” says Kelly. This gives users a much more tactile learning experience than a seminar could offer. The length of the session and the speed of delivery can be tailored to each client as well, to ensure as best as possible that any client works through and understands the concept being taught.


If you could arm your business with the best chance to learn what is necessary, wouldn’t you? Constant learning is an inevitability in any business. Smaller-scale coaching makes it easier to ensure learning happens in the most productive way, and Regroove provides you with the tools to do it all!

Consider Regroove coaching to help get the best out of your business. Ready to get started? Get in touch!

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