Benefits of Small-Scale Coaching

You know that feeling when you have been trying to figure something out and you just can’t make it happen? Perhaps you are trying to build your new IKEA dresser and you absolutely cannot find that one tiny screw you need. Maybe you have taken a stats course and were desperately trying to wrap your head around a new concept.

And then something happens, and you have that “aha” moment. Everything falls into place. You get that overwhelming feeling of relief.

That is why we love to do small-scale coaching at Regroove. We get to see end users who are learning about new technologies have that “aha” moment as they start to understand their new system and see how it is going to help them. No joke – we’ve had clients fist pump the air. You know that feeling.

We’re going to go over the benefits of small-scale coaching over large-scale learning, and how Regroove can help!

The Issue With Large-Scale Learning

While large-scale technical courses or conferences can provide broad strokes learning for the employees of an organization, are they most conducive to productivity and helping your team understand their environment?

Many companies offer large-scale learning opportunities for employees. These often come in the form of a physical class or webinar where a mix of employees from several different disciplines – and with several different needs – converge for learning. The teacher or trainer presents generic examples, so they are applicable to each employee in attendance. These sessions, while helpful in providing general knowledge, are less relevant to the ins and outs of your team’s daily work.

The Coaching Advantage

Smaller scale coaching can alleviate many of the issues that can happen with large-scale learning.

Understanding the needs of a particular organization is paramount. Technology, ideologies, and priorities can consistently change within a project or organization. Small-scale coaching can better address these changes because the coach works closely with attendees to customize their sessions and adapt any organization-specific requirements into their sessions. Individuals in attendance at a large-scale seminar may likely have completely differing needs, which makes it unlikely the presenter can address every unique need in the room.

Why Regroove?

We meet with every client to better understand what actually matters to their organization. We’re not going to apply concepts that aren’t applicable. At Regroove, we typically do our coaching towards the end of a project, because we believe it is the best value for your team to learn in their own system, rather than in a generic demo environment. This means that, all throughout the project, we are picking up on questions, comments, and concepts that will help your specific team. This helps us craft coaching sessions that are highly relevant and are going to deliver the most value to your end users.

We use live demonstrations in the app so the audience can see how a concept actually works instead of just talking about the theory behind an action. This gives users a much more tactile learning experience than a seminar could offer. The length of the session and the speed of delivery can be tailored to each client and we always make our recorded sessions available for rewatch.


If you could arm your business with the best chance to succeed, wouldn’t you? Constant learning is an inevitability in any business. Smaller-scale coaching makes it easier to ensure learning happens in the most productive way, and Regroove provides you with the tools to do it all!

Consider Regroove coaching to help get the best out of your business. Ready to get started? Fill out the form below.

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