Remote Work is Here to Stay: Essential Hardware for a Microsoft 365-Powered Home Office  

Businesses using Microsoft 365 are at the forefront of the global shift to remote and hybrid work environments. That’s because the tools provided by Microsoft 365 that promote communication and collaboration have helped prime these organizations to enable remote work. However, three years into working from home (or from anywhere!) means it’s likely time to update your home office to help fuel productivity.  

In this blog, we’ll delve into the essential hardware for a Microsoft 365-powered home office, and how to align your strategy with the evolving needs of remote work.  

Setting Up a Productive Home Office  

Now that we’re a few years into remote work, it’s time to ensure you have the right equipment in your home office for long-term remote success. Some hardware to consider includes:  

  • Webcam: In the era of video conferencing, a high-quality webcam is indispensable. Look for options with HD resolution and good low-light performance to ensure clear and professional-looking video calls.  
    PRO TIP: Check out these backdrops for an added touch to your professional video calling here.  
  • Headphones: Reliable headphones are crucial for clean communication and minimizing distractions in a home environment. Opt for noise cancelling features and comfortable design for prolonged use.  
    PRO TIP: The Jabra Evolve series is highly recommended for its compatibility with Microsoft Teams and superior audio quality. These are a Regroove favourite!  
  • Speaker and microphone: For those who prefer an open setup or need to conduct meetings with multiple participants in the room, and good speaker and Microsoft combo is essential.  
    PRO TIP: The Jabra Speak 510 provides top quality audio and built-in Microsoft Teams integration and easy to use call settings.  
  • Stylus: For professionals working with touch-enabled devices like the Microsoft Surface, a stylus can greatly enhance productivity and creativity.  
    PRO TIP: Microsoft’s Surface Pen offers precision and seamless integration with Microsoft 365 applications like OneNote and Whiteboard.  
  • BONUS – Microsoft Teams Phone: Are you using Microsoft Teams Phone to access, make, and receive phone calls and voicemails from anywhere? Check out our recommendations specific to the perfect Teams Phone setup HERE.  

Aligning Hardware Strategy with Remote Work Trends  

As remote work continues to evolve, so do the demands on hardware. Flexibility and security are key considerations for businesses navigating this new paradigm:  

  • Flexibility: Employees need hardware that adapts to their work environment, whether it’s a dedicated home office, a shared workspace, or a coffee shop. Look for lightweight, portable devices that offer versatility without sacrificing performance.  
  • Security: Microsoft Endpoint Manager plays a critical role in securing laptops and devices in a remote or hybrid work environment. From enforcing security policies to managing software updates and device encryption, Endpoint Manager provides centralized control and visibility, ensuring that company data remains protected across all endpoints.  

Embracing the Future of Work  

Remote work is not just a temporary solution – it’s a fundamental shift in how businesses operate. By investing in the right hardware and aligning your strategy with the evolving needs of remote work, you can empower your employees to thrive in this new era of flexibility and collaboration.  

At Regroove, we know that choosing the right hardware for remote or hybrid work environments is a complex challenge for many businesses to navigate. That’s why we help our clients select the laptops and accompanying hardware that fits their specific needs and use Endpoint Manager and other Microsoft 365 products to configure and protect your hardware, no matter where your team spends their working hours.  

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