Why You Need a Cloud Solutions Coach

Sidney Crosby is among the greatest hockey players of all time.

I’m no Penguins fan, and even I can admit that’s true. Much of his skillset is attributed to his intense training strategy both on and off the ice. Despite already being one of the best players to play the game, Crosby is notorious for continuously striving for improvement.

What does this have to do with your business?

Business technology coaching is as important to your organization as training is to Sidney Crosby.

In a world where technology is connected to nearly everything we do, understanding that technology and how it applies to your organization is paramount to your success. Just as Crosby has a coach specifically for speed, agility, and power plays, your business can benefit from a cloud solutions coach to help identify issues, build team collaboration, and develop internal knowledge.

Identify Issues

Like targeting speed and agility with a skating coach, your cloud solutions coach can help pinpoint issues in your cloud technology tools or setup.

Identify and resolve issues

A cloud solutions coach will walk through your internal processes with your team to better understand the way your organization has implemented your technology. They’ll make recommendations for adjustments that improve productivity, profitability, and security, and ensure you comply with industry best practices and standards.

Through identifying issues, your cloud solutions coach may recommend sessions like:

  • SharePoint Online and Microsoft Teams introductory sessions that help build basic skills and ensure the tools are being used appropriately.
  • A one-on-one review of your internal processes to pinpoint issues and identify hang ups.
  • Refresher sessions to review best practices and learn new features.

Build Team Collaboration

Like working on your offensive power play line, ‘special teams’ coaching can help improve communication and collaboration between your team members. Any team that works (or plays) together needs coaching!

Build team collaboration

Team coaching helps to identify communication gaps, build good habits, and provide a common understanding for all of your staff. Your cloud solutions coach will work with you to identify techniques for working out loud, editing documents together in real time, hosting productive remote meetings, and more!

These sessions might include:

  • Communicating, meeting, and managing files in Microsoft Teams.
  • Using advanced Microsoft Teams features to improve collaboration and communication.
  • Microsoft 365 productivity tools for project management, task management, and teamwork.

Develop Internal Knowledge

Exhibition games help teams develop the skills they need to perform when it counts. When your coach is no longer giving you direction, are you ready?

Develop internal knowledge

With a cloud solutions coach, your team can grow their own knowledge and understanding of cloud technology tools. They’ll learn how to navigate your systems, how to implement new features, and where to find tips and tricks to continuously learn and improve. Building internal knowledge ensures your tools can be improved upon in the future.

Your cloud solutions coach may focus on:

  • Creating and administering SharePoint sites and Microsoft Teams.
  • Using Microsoft Forms, Power BI, Power Apps, and other automation tools.
  • Advanced technical Microsoft 365 coaching.


At the end of the day, it comes to this: if Sidney Crosby – a three-time Stanley Cup champion – still needs training, then so does your business.

A cloud solutions coach will help you and your team constantly adapt new technologies and features, spot and resolve issues quickly, and build internal knowledge for lasting success.

At Regroove, our coaches work with you one-on-one or in a small group to ensure you get the most out of your cloud technology. Topics are selected to align with your organizational goals and discussions are driven by your processes and questions.

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