Aral Group

Migrating Email to the Cloud for Accessible Communications 

Founded over 50 years ago, Aral Group has developed multiple core businesses which include real estate development and investments, construction, lending and private equity.

Aral Group is a construction, real estate development and investment, lending, and private equity firm located in Victoria, BC. In this blog, we are going to talk about how we helped Aral Group in migrating email to the cloud.


Aral Group wanted to ensure they were receiving all their emails through the tender process and customer communication efficiently and effectively. The client was experiencing issues with spam, quarantine, and junk emails. This was causing their team to miss or lose messages, resulting in potential sales and revenue losses.  

Regroove assessed the client’s internal technical situation and determined that an email migration from Shaw to Microsoft 365 was the way forward for streamlining Aral Group’s communication process. This involved tidying up five primary email address domains.   


Regroove suggested migrating email to the cloud and into Microsoft 365. This offered Aral Group one standard email platform for all branches of their organization. Additionally, on the cloud side, they were already using Microsoft 365. It made sense for them to remain with the same provider and within the same environment. This offered them many communication and collaboration-based benefits. 

Outcome and Benefits 

Since the email migration has taken place, employee-to-employee communication has improved from all angles, meaning staff are much more connected.  

Benefits were also found in the sharing and collaboration process and when collaborating on Word documents and Excel spreadsheets, for example. 

Aral Group were left with a standardized email and one domain, so their work environment was tidy, simple to use, and great for working together on projects. Migrating to Microsoft 365 meant they could access their documents or contact anyone from anywhere – perfect for a construction company who mainly operate in the field!  

This project took just two weeks to complete. They didn’t have any downtime where they lost access to emails, meaning there was minimal disturbance to Aral Group’s workplace communication, and they were set up and ready to go in a short time period.  

Employee-to-employee communication has improved from all angles, meaning staff are much more connected.


In such a short time, Regroove was able to transform Aral Group’s email and communications from an environment where emails got lost and were subject to spam, to a tidy, collaborative Microsoft 365 workplace. 

This solution was built using:  

  • Microsoft 365 
  • Exchange  
  • Outlook on the Web 
  • Outlook Mobile App  

How Can You Receive an Email Migration From Regroove? 

Are you struggling with losing email messages or collaborating on documents? It may benefit your company to migrate to Microsoft 365. With the ability to access your documents and emails from anywhere and collaborate on projects in the field, an email migration can greatly improve your communication and collaboration internally and with users outside your organization.   

Contact us today to learn how Regroove can help with your email migration.