National Healthcare Delivery Partner

Customized Proposal Site and Libraries Using SharePoint Online 

Our client is a national healthcare delivery partner based out of British Columbia.

Regroove recently worked with a national healthcare delivery partner that works closely with governments across Canada and internationally to deliver services to citizens. With hundreds of employees in Canada, this company needed to optimize their collaboration capabilities and increase efficiency in the cloud. They approached Regroove to help their international partners and contractors put together successful project bids by modernizing their technology. 


Our client works with many governments and partners around the world. However, they were using an on-premises version of SharePoint, which meant they could not effectively collaborate. This technology was impeding their productivity. They wanted to improve their ability to work together on creating bids and needed to revamp their technologies to do so. Their current set up no longer met their needs.  


Regroove recommended that our client migrate to Microsoft 365 and SharePoint Online. This would allow real-time, cloud-based work processes from anywhere in the world. Regroove executed the migration. We then made enhancements to their existing SharePoint site, in addition to creating a proposal site and customized libraries, so their team could build bids together more efficiently. Regroove also migrated our client to Microsoft Teams, which improved their collaboration and workflows. 

Outcome and Benefits

Our client reports this solution has saved their organization time and money. The solution made their bid creation process easier. A review process that used to take their team 2-3 days can now be completed in a single day. Their productivity and output have also increased. Migrating to SharePoint Online has also eliminated the need to maintain a physical on-premises server, leading to cost savings down the road. 

“[I] really liked the Regroove team. [They are] very good at training and making sure everything was understood. [They] did a lot of work I thought I would have to do, so it removed a lot of burden from my shoulders.” 

  • National Healthcare Delivery Partner    

This solution was built using:  

  • SharePoint Online 
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Microsoft 365

How to Improve Your Collaboration Through SharePoint Online and Microsoft Teams

Microsoft 365 migrations are our specialty. We support clients by capturing their desired outcomes, such as increased productivity or improved collaboration, wireframing cloud-based solutions, and guiding them as they transfer their data and business processes to Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Online. If you think your organization would benefit from a similar solution, please fill out the form below and a member of our team will contact you shortly!