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Communicating System Changes With Microsoft Teams

Regroove built an automated communication system to notify staff with the right details at the appropriate time.

Regroove helps teams harness Microsoft Cloud technologies to run a more effective business through projects and coaching. 


Until recently, Regroove had no way to communicate changes across multiple offices to all staff.

System changes – such as scheduled power outages or planned internet interruptions – impact the company’s ability to operate efficiently. Staff need time to plan to make sure they aren’t left unprepared to deliver quality service to their clients during an outage.  

Using email to communicate system changes to everyone in the organization is time-consuming, unreliable, and worse of all – easy to forget. 

Regroove owner, Sean Wallbridge, needed this information delivered to his team promptly with just enough notice that an outage wouldn’t “sneak up and surprise” them.  

“We’re busy at Regroove. Lots on the go, lots of change.”

Sean Wallbridge, Owner


Sean knew from experience the solution had to be simple to use and easy to find with no training required. 

The Regroove team built an automated “Change Register” system to notify staff with the right details at the appropriate time. Any changes stored in the system are automatically published “Out Loud” in Microsoft Teams.

Here is how it works:

  • Anyone can fill out a short form to add the duration of a system issue to the “Change Register” list.
  • Regroove’s robot “Clippy” checks the list at the crack of dawn every day looking for any changes with the date set for today. 
  • Clippy grabs and posts today’s system changes as a “Daily Scrum” post in the “Today” channel in Microsoft Teams.  
  • Staff can check the Today channel from any device and comment in the conversation thread if needed. 
The Change Register list in SharePoint
The post in the Today channel in Microsoft Teams

Outcome and Benefits

Staff can find the Change Register easily to get changes “Out Loud” quickly. 

Management can relax knowing robots can’t forget to post mission-critical notifications. 

Everyone knows the solution reliably kick offs the morning scrum conversation with the right information.  

Everybody knows what’s going on across our own systems and our clients – information is power.

Sean Wallbridge

This solution was built using:

  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Microsoft Flow
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Navo by Regroove