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Creating Branded Email Signatures with Exclaimer

Regroove set up an organization-wide email signature template for consistent, on-brand messaging sent from any device.

Regroove helps teams harness Microsoft Cloud technologies to run a more effective business through projects and coaching.

Happy 2020 Everyone! With the new year here and a grab bag of upcoming holidays to celebrate – from Valentines to Earth Day – we want to share the secret to how we keep our company brand festive without breaking the bank or a sweat.

Earth Day Email Signature Logo
Valentines Day Email Signature Logo

Let’s use Christmas as an example. Every December we get into the holiday spirit by adding a festive Santa hat to the Regroove logo in our email signatures. 🎅

In less time than it takes to polish off a hot rum toddy, we switch the entire Regroove team’s email signatures to “happy holidays“-mode.

How? Through the magic of Exclaimer signature management!

Christmas Email Signature Logo

This year we were stoked to include a link in the signature to our ‘Closing for Christmas’ story to celebrate that we are finally able to close our office for the holidays from December 23 – 27.

How? Because we are a modern cloud-first business!

If the idea of having to manually update all your employee’s business email signatures throughout the year to have a consistent, on brand look has you feeling like Scrooge, give the elves at Regroove a shout.

We’ll help you get into using Exclaimer signatures so you can automate this tedious technical task and get back to more important things – like figuring out what to put on your Christmas wish list. 😜

Why Email Signatures Matter 

Your signature says a lot about you and your business. Being consistent across all platforms is important.

You want your branding and messaging consistent whenever you communicate to your clients.

Keeping signatures consistent and accurate is hard enough with a small team, let alone when you have a growing number of staff, especially when everyone can change email signatures themselves.

Factor in that an increasing volume of email is coming from mobile devices within your organization, and signatures quickly deteriorate into a mishmash of “anything goes”. 

How We Can Help

If you already have Office 365, the next step is easy:

We can help you create one common signature and make it work across your email clients, your mobile devices, and web mail within a week for a fixed monthly cost.

The Five Step Process to Getting Branded Email Signatures Setup

The signatures are managed at the organization level and use properties right from your user account settings. Users no longer have to setup their own signature, and because the signature is added after it leaves the device you have the ability to add rich content no matter what platform is being used.