City of Victoria

Increasing Employee Engagement with an Intranet Refresh

The City of Victoria is the local government organization that provides programs and services for the 85,000 citizens of Victoria proper, the capital city of British Columbia, Canada. 


An Intranet is a private website for employees to easily access important company information and increase communication within an organization. 

When the City of Victoria moved to a WordPress-based Intranet site four years ago, the project team heard loud and clear what staff used the Intranet for – locating the staff directory and other functional tools – and what they want to use the Intranet for in the future – to feel more connected and to know what other departments are doing.  

However, the City’s Intranet wasn’t meeting these needs and wasn’t functioning correctly. The site wasn’t engaging in design or functionality, and City staff weren’t using it to seek information.  The City was losing the opportunity for people to feel connected to other parts of their organization and to share organization-wide messaging. 

The Intranet was built in WordPress, the industry standard for public websites. However, the platform didn’t offer a lot of opportunities for employee engagement. 

It also didn’t provide the level of connectivity with SharePoint, the City’s file management solution. The City wanted everyone working on the same platform so that down the road each department can use their own SharePoint Communication site for publishing messaging across their department and organization wide.  

Strategically we are laying the foundation for where we’re going to take the Intranet in the coming years.

Heather Follis, Continuous Improvement Advisor, City of Victoria 


The City knew they wanted to move their Intranet to Microsoft SharePoint Online, a modern web-based collaborative platform that integrates with Microsoft Office. In addition to its ability to integrate with other modern workplace tools, they wanted the ability to leverage some of SharePoint’s more powerful features. 

Heather Follis, Continuous Improvement Advisor at the City, took on the role of Intranet Refresh Project Lead.  

For the Intranet Refresh project, Follis liaised with Regroove to:  

  • determine the City’s requirements,  
  • determine which type of site would work,  
  • build the initial Intranet structure, and, 
  • forklift content from WordPress to SharePoint. 

Once the Intranet was built, Regroove handed over the keys to let Follis tinker with the site before the launch. The Regroove team was available to help shake out any missing details, work through any bugs, and answer any question Follis had. Regroove was at the ready to assist with troubleshooting during the Intranet launch.

I liked how patient [the staff at Regroove] was. [They] were really good with working with me, making information and the process accessible to me in plain language.

Heather Follis, Continuous Improvement Advisor, City of Victoria  


Having the Intranet built in SharePoint has increased efficiency. Follis can now easily add, edit, and organize Intranet content herself without needing to know code or to ask for help from the IT Department.  

It’s been a big help to me. I don’t have any type of development experience, yet it is simple for me to use. I can build new pages, move sections, and drag content around.

Heather Follis, Continuous Improvement Advisor, City of Victoria

The move to SharePoint sets the foundations for “really cool improvements that are ahead of us for next year,” said Follis. 

The City looks forward to working in-house to enhance the site and explore the various engagement tools that SharePoint offers to increase collaboration and productivity. 

This solution was built using: 

  • Microsoft SharePoint Online 
  • Microsoft Teams for project communication