Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC

Centralized Information and Collaboration With Microsoft 365 File Management

Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC (Freshwater Fisheries) is a non-profit organization that focuses on conserving BC’s freshwater fisheries through education, conservation initiatives, and a robust stocking program.

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Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC’s existing Microsoft 365 tenancy, established in 2017, had expanded into a busy state with little centralized control or structure. They had a vast number of files stored on a file server, making it challenging to locate and manage essential information efficiently. Their goal was to transition away from the file server and eliminate their reliance on a third-party hosted intranet.


To address the client’s challenges, we implemented a comprehensive solution centered around SharePoint Online and Microsoft Teams, leveraging the full potential of the Microsoft 365 suite. Our approach included the following key components:

  1. SharePoint Online Sites: We designed communication and hub sites within SharePoint Online, tailored to the specific needs of different groups within the organization. These sites acted as centralized platforms for collaboration, information dissemination, and team communication.
  2. Microsoft Teams: Multiple Teams were created for each group, providing a dedicated space for working on documents and seamless communication. This allowed geographically dispersed team members, including administrative staff and scientists, to collaborate effectively.
  3. Retention Labels and Policies: We implemented retention labels and policies to ensure Freshwater Fisheries could manage and protect their documents effectively. A variety of retention labels were created, ranging from short-term to permanent, ensuring that sensitive information would be safeguarded and retained for the appropriate duration.
  4. File Migration: Using the SharePoint Migration Tool (SPMT), we migrated files from the file server to SharePoint Online and Teams. Additionally, we manually migrated selected files from existing SharePoint locations, ensuring a smooth transition.

Outcome and Benefits

The implementation of the Microsoft 365 solution brought about numerous positive outcomes and benefits for Freshwater Fisheries:

  1. Centralized Information and Collaboration: With SharePoint Online and Microsoft Teams as the foundation, Freshwater Fisheries now utilizes centralized information storage and seamless collaboration across their departments.
  2. Anywhere, Anytime Access: Team members, whether working in the office or at the hatcheries, gained easy access to information and documents, enabling enhanced productivity and real-time collaboration.
  3. Sensitivity and Retention Labels: The implementation of sensitivity and retention labels provided the organization with a robust system for protecting sensitive information and ensuring compliance with document retention requirements.
  4. Customized Communication Sites: Communication sites were created for each department, highlighting important information and updates about their respective teams. This allowed for efficient dissemination of critical updates and news across the organization.
  5. Board and Organization-Wide Communication: A central communication site was established to facilitate streamlined communication at the board level, fostering transparency and alignment.


We worked closely with the Freshwater Fisheries team as they transitioned to SharePoint Online and Microsoft Teams. This enabled centralized collaboration, streamlined information management, and efficient communication throughout the organization. By embracing the power of the Microsoft 365 suite, Freshwater Fisheries implemented governance best practices over their tenancy and empowered their team members to work more productively. If you are looking to get control over your Microsoft environment or would like to improve the efficiency and collaboration for your dispersed workforce, fill out the form below and our team will be in touch!

PS! Did you know that 100% of all revenue generated from fishing licenses goes right back into research, conservation and education programs, keeping BC’s freshwater fisheries healthy and active? Check out Freshwater Fisheries’ webpage to learn more about how to get your license and where you can find the best fishing spots in BC!