Fettle + Food

Building an Engaging Web Presence With WordPress

Regroove built a simple, user-friendly website that is mobile capable and has branding that pops off the page.

Fettle + Food helps people develop life-long nutrition strategies to
reach their health goals, feel good, and have more energy – without
cookie-cutter programs or diets. Owner and Coach Ann Conrod delivers scientifically-sound nutrition coaching based on your body and the results you want.


Fettle + Food has grown steadily since launching – thanks to Ann Conrod’s excellent reputation and a strong word-of-mouth referral marketing strategy.

However, the business had zero web presence.

With a half-decade career in online marketing and advertising, Ann knew that she needed a strong web presence to successfully grow her business beyond her existing network.

She also wanted a way to reward and retain existing clients with added value through an ongoing blog and e-newsletter campaign.

Despite having deep insight into how she wanted her online brand setup and structured, she lacked the technical skills to build a website or add blog content using code-based solutions.

I needed people who could be my trusted experts.

Ann Conrod, Owner, Fettle + Food


Ann asked Regroove to build her a simple, user-friendly website that looked good on a phone with branding that popped off the page.

She also asked that the web platform have a simple content editor. It was important that she could easily update the site, add pages, and publish blog posts without having to use code or call Regroove for help.

Ann was thoroughly prepared for the first meeting, bringing digital copies of all the content needed to build the site – which made the entire process quick and easy for everyone involved.

Regroove transformed her content and vision into a working mobile-responsive website and blog in the WordPress platform.

The process included a few tricky parts, such as wiring the domain, DNS, and hosting provider to the solution. The project team also connected various third-party tools to the site to provide the additional functionality Ann requested. This included measuring web traffic, SEO analytics, fillable Contact and Intake forms, and mailing list sign up fields.

Outcome and Benefits

Ann has received lots of positive feedback on the branding and launch of the website. Clients love having online spaces to visit and engage with her content. Everyone appreciates the shift away from using email to communicate.

The whole process is just a little more seamless now that the website is the first point of contact with the business.

Ann Conrod, Owner, Fettle + Food

Folks that find the Fettle + Food website can learn about the services and rates before reaching out. Having the website tell her story for her saves Ann time that she can reinvest into the business and her clients.


This solution was built using:

  • WordPress
  • Flywheel
  • Google Analytics
  • Typeform
  • Mailchimp
  • Microsoft Teams for project communication

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