Non-profit Employment Service Provider

Invoice Approval Automation with SharePoint Online and Power Automate 

Our client is a non-profit organization that helps provide government sponsored employment services in British Columbia.

Regroove recently worked with a non-profit organization that helps provide government sponsored employment services.  

The client faced challenges with their invoice approval process and turned to Regroove to help automate the process. 


Our client faced a recurring challenge in their accounts payable department: managing invoice approvals efficiently. Their existing manual processes led to delays, confusion, and a lack of transparency in the approval workflow. To address these issues, they engaged Regroove to design and implement a comprehensive solution that could automate and streamline their invoice approval process. 


Our team implemented an automated workflow, harnessing the capabilities of SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, and Power Automate. Users initiate the process by uploading invoices to a SharePoint list, which automatically triggers the workflow. Each invoice starts as “NEW” by default. The heart of the solution lies in the multi-tiered approval process. Invoices are first routed to the Department Manager, followed by the Executive Director, and, if necessary, the Board. At each step, the respective approver receives notifications via Microsoft Teams and email, complete with invoice details and a link to the SharePoint item. 

If an invoice is rejected, the system promptly notifies the Controller, providing reasons for the setback. If the Department Manager rejects the invoice, the workflow ceases, eliminating unnecessary steps. Conversely, when approvals are granted, the workflow advances to the next approver in the hierarchy. Upon obtaining all requisite approvals, Finance is notified, allowing them to efficiently enter invoice details into Sage Accounting. The status of the invoice item within the SharePoint list is then updated to “Approved,” ensuring transparency and accountability throughout the process. To prevent bottlenecks and maintain timely processing, the system incorporates automated reminders. If an approval request goes unaddressed for two days, the system automatically sends reminders to the relevant approvers, with reminders repeating every two days for a maximum of 15 days. 

Outcomes and Benefits 

By integrating this automated invoice approval workflow, our client has seen an increase in efficiency and tracking for their finance team. Regroove’s implementation of Microsoft 365’s SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, and Power Automate helped improve efficiency, reduce process time, and increase overall transparency. The new automated system helps to minimize manual errors, prevent delays through automated reminders, and enhance overall accountability. 

This solution was built using: 

  • Power Automate 
  • SharePoint Online 
  • Microsoft Teams 
  • Outlook 

If your organization faces similar challenges in invoice approval or other business processes, we can help you achieve similar results. Regroove offers expertise in implementing Microsoft 365 tools to automate and streamline your daily processes. Our tailored solutions can address your specific challenges, enhancing efficiency and visibility. Give us a call today, and let’s discuss how we can help streamline your business processes.