Where is MS Forms data stored?

Microsoft Forms data is stored in servers in the United States.

“Location of Customer Data at Rest for Core Online Services”

How might this affect you? You might assume, for example, that if your Office 365 tenancy is in Canada that all your data resides in Canada as well. This, however, is not the case.

It’s kind of misleading too because if you look at your Data location in the Office 365 admin portal it appears as if the data is all in one place. Our tenancy shows me that our data location is all in Canada.

Looks good right? All my super secret Forms data that I have collected is safe in Canada, right?!


So… consider what you are using MS Forms to collect information on

  • Social Insurance Numbers
  • Birth dates
  • Contact numbers
  • Addresses
  • Or any other information that should otherwise be protected by your countries Data Protection laws.

You need to know that this information will be stored as “Data at rest” on servers in the United States, as will data from other services noted below.

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