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Office 365 SMTP Relay Stopped Working!

In October 2020 support for TLS 1.0 and 1.1 in Exchange Online ended, however, Microsoft allowed clients to keep using the SMTP AUTH endpoint ( But now that its a brand new year Microsoft’s plan is to disable that usage in order to meet security and compliance requirements. So what will this look like if …

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5 Reasons to Migrate to the Cloud Right Now

Migrating your company to the cloud might have been something you considered before the pandemic struck. You Migrating your company to the cloud might have been something you were considering before the pandemic struck. Maybe you started the planning process, thinking your organization had years to complete the transition. Then the pandemic hit, and time …

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MS Teams Incoming External Calls Blocked

This was a fun little mess to troubleshoot and in the end the solution was quite unexpected and a little alarming (sigh) What? Some time recently all incoming calls from external callers stopped notifying both the desktop and client Teams apps. This issue did not affect calls coming from Call Queues nor did it affect …

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Lock Down MS Teams Creation

Microsoft has offers many guides that identify important items to consider and discuss before you roll out Teams to your organization. Plan for Teams Governance My personal “Best Practice” item to consider is deciding who can create Teams. This is an important consideration and one that should be discussed early in the planning stages. What? …

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Redirect Teams Auto Attendant Voicemail to a Channel (Updated method)

In my original POST on this topic I describe how to redirect Voicemail to a Team Channel using a “forwarding rule” from a service accounts mailbox. Well as fate would have it this no longer works (sad face and heavy sigh) Quite recently something changed that now prevents mail from being delivered to a Team …

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Microsoft 365 Dynamic Groups and Teams

What? Did you know that by using an Azure AD Dynamic group you can auto populate the membership of a Microsoft Team. So What? Using Dynamic groups, a given team’s members update automatically based on a specific set of criteria, instead of manually managing membership. Now What? Create a Dynamic Microsoft 365 Group and then …

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Azure AD Dynamic Groups

What? Azure AD Dynamic Groups are populated with users or devices based on specific criteria defined in attribute based rules. So What? Dynamic group membership can be used to populate Security groups or Microsoft 365 Groups. This functionality: Now What? Let’s review some details about Dynamic Groups Configuring Rules Dynamic groups use Properties, Operators and …

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Rename a Microsoft Team Channel

Have you renamed a Teams Channel only to find out that the folder in SharePoint did not update?? Did you think, “Hey I can fix that”, and renamed the folder in SharePoint. Problem solved? Nope (sad face) And now what’s worse is that the link from your newly renamed Channel Files tab is broken. Then …

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Upload a VHD to Azure and create a virtual machine

Scenario You need to create a virtual machine from an existing device and host it in Azure. Requirements It is assumed in this post that you already have an Azure tenant and that you have a subscription which can be used to upload the VHD and create a virtual machine. This post is a compilation …

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