OneNote for Bullet Journaling

I recently joined a OneNote Bullet Journal Facebook group. Despite being called “the analog system for the digital age” by the registered trademark website, this group is taking the “customizable and forgiving organization system” to the digital platform.

I’m really looking forward to experimenting with different page layouts to capture and record various types of information in bullet journal format.

I’ve created a section in my Journal Notebook called “Templates and Ideas” to help me stay organized. As I come across Bullet Journal layout inspiration on sites like Pinterest, (check out my “Bullet Journal Inspiration” board on Pinterest) I used the Send feature to send the Pin directly to my Notebook to be converted from a drawing into a usable template.

Some ideas I’ve collected and look forward to crafting are:

  • Year in Pixels chart to track mood
  • Habit Tracker chart
  • Sleep Log
  • Symptom Tracker
  • Gratitude Monthly chart
  • 8 Glasses a Day Water Tracker
  • Post-Therapy Summary Notes chart

Check back for various screenshots of my templates, and tips and tricks I learn along the way to make these templates most efficiently.

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