Public Shamings Increase Adoption of Paperless Office Culture

Today my boss came by my desk and ripped my paper phone extension list off the wall of my cubical. Fear gripped me as I could not process how I would be able to get by without it. I can barely remember my families’ phone numbers let alone memorize this information that I only use once in a while.

Ultimately Sean is correct. Why surround myself with visual clutter when with a few mouse clicks that information could be stored securely in SharePoint – accessible by everyone and from anywhere. (We already had a Staff Contact list – so he simply added a custom column titled “Phone Extensions” to the list.)

The best part of this experience is that he created this lovely graphic (below) to show me where to find the information. And, being the man of action that he is, he posted said graphic to our Company Yammer feed so that no one missed out on my public shaming. with my colleagues


 Behold: the result of this experience = my paperless office. (Ok, well besides the one business card still pinned to my dividers – but shhh! Don’t tell.)


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