Using Both Landscape and Portrait Pages in a Word Document

The standard page layout for a Word document is portrait (i.e. vertical) in orientation. Roughly once every couple months I need to insert one or two landscape pages (ie. pages that are horizontal  in orientation) into a Word document – usually to insert a large screenshot or a table with lots of columns. I always forget how to do this and end up wasting time searching for the answer.

To keep it simple: Section Breaks

Page Layout Tab > Breaks > Next Page (under Section Breaks)












Kudos to Rebecca Johnson and her very clear and handy instructions on “How to Insert a Landscape Page into a Portrait Document (or Vice Versa!)” at

2 responses to “Using Both Landscape and Portrait Pages in a Word Document

    1. Interesting I don’t experience that issue, and was unable to reproduce the issue you are experiencing.
      1. How many pages is your document?
      2. What order of operations did you follow?

      I tried both approaches – first setting up your page numbering in the header as well as first adding Next Page Section breaks first – and both worked.
      I’d be happy to take a look at your file to see if I can identify what’s causing the issue. Shoot me an email at: [email protected].

      If I can’t assist, I’d suggest asking one of the Word MVPs – here’s a list:

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