Use Microsoft Word to Publish Blog Posts to SharePoint and WordPress

Today I gave a demo to a client who wanted to see how we use SharePoint blogs at itgroove to replace email correspondence with searchable, chronological knowledge repository. Part of the demo included how SharePoint-phonic users can create and publish blog posts to a SharePoint blog directly from Microsoft Word. As an avid SharePoint user, I hadn’t set this “Post to Blog” option up yet, so I figured why not capture screenshots of the steps and then publish them to my blog from within the desktop version of Microsoft Word 2013 .
Here it goes:

1. Open Word.

2. Click on the File Tab. Select Share from the side menu. Select Post to Blog. Click on the Post to Blog Command.

3. Select Register Now from the Register a Blog Account screen.

4. Select SharePoint blog from the dropdown list in the New Blog Account screen.

(If you’re using WordPress, it’s basically the exact same steps below with one extra โ€“ add your username and password).

5. Copy the URL of the blog. Paste it into Notepad and remove any extra junk text (such as “default.aspx”) that may appear at the end.

6. Paste it into the Blog URL field. Before you select OK, click on Picture Options.

7. You can select from several Picture “providers” โ€“ what this is doing is telling Word where to store the images in your post โ€“ to the Pictures Library that is part of the SharePoint blog sub-site or to your own server…

Not sure? Ask your SharePoint Champion who know your organizations’ policies around file storage best practices.

8. Select OK. Congrats! Account registration successful!

9. You can manage your blog accounts in the Blog Post tab using the Manage Accounts command button in the Blog group. (Note: This tab is not always visible. Repeat steps 1 and 2 to have it appear.)

10. You can add new Blog Accounts, Change existing Blog Accounts, remove Blog Accounts or after adding multiple accounts, select a default account.

11. You have several options for blogging providers. As you can see, I added my personal knowledge blog “Oh365eh!” that lives on the WordPress platform:


#1 – When writing a blog post be sure to remember to select which Account you want to publish the post to before pressing Publish. It does not automatically Publish to the blog that is selected as the Default.

Extra Resources:

The “Help with blogging in Word” article on the Microsoft Support site is an excellent troubleshooting resource.

(Yes, it’s for Word 2007 but 90% of it is applicable to Word 2010 and Word 2013 users. It’s so relevant that when you click on the “Help me fill out this section” link in Word 2013 it takes you to said page.)

12 responses to “Use Microsoft Word to Publish Blog Posts to SharePoint and WordPress

  1. Can you help? I have been using word 2013 to publish to my blog for a long time, word desktop before that. Now suddenly I can’t even register an account into Word 2013 with It fails.
    This means so much work reworking my subscribers posts. They have images embedded throughout.

    1. Oh boy, that sounds frustrating Matrin! Can you describe the Post to Blog error message you receive when you try to register the account? Silly question – have you changed your password recently?

      My first round of research suggests these two resources that may be helpful:

      Please let me know if it works for you. If not I can dig deeper.

      1. Thanks Kelly – tried those and double checked everything still not working.
        Posting to Blog in did work and then one day just stopped. So I tried re-regsitering and now all I get is : “word cannot register your account”

        I am using Word 2103 as part of the Office 365 subscription.
        I tried entering the address that I am supposed to use to register and got this:

        “XML-RPC server accepts POST requests only.”


        Any ideas please? This used to save me so much work which I now have to do again.
        Thanks for your kind help

      2. Dear Kelly, I use the Word 2013 from the Office 365 subscription. Posting from Word to worked fine until a few weeks ago , it just stopped working. No change to password or userid. I deleted the details and tried to reregister but now I just get the “Word cannot register your account message.

        Using this URL in the address bar :
        I get this message:
        “XML-RPC server accepts POST requests only.”


        Thanks for your kind help for an old silver surfer.

  2. Hi Kelly! I am using Sharepoint 2010 with Microsoft Word 2007. I published a blog using MS Word and the formatting changed after publishing it to Sharepoint. The bullets changed from A, B, C to 1, 2, 3. Any suggestions as to how to correct this? When going back to the Word version of the blog, the original, and correct, formatting remains. Thank you!

  3. When I publish to my SharePoint 2013 blog site from Word 2013, the versioning does not increment–and I am, hence, not able to access prior versions to look back at/restore edits. Are there special settings for this? I have major versioning enabled on the Posts list settings in SharePoint. Do I need to change something in Word to get the versions to increment when I click publish?

  4. This is great, thanks for posting.

    I am having an issue where if I post from Word, the timestamp on the blog post is 3 hours earlier. Any idea of why that might be, or what setting I can check?

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