How to Find Out Which Windows Operating System You Have

The first step in my process to assist an end user with trouble shooting an issue is to know what operating system they are using. This is so I can frame my directions in a context that makes sense to them.

So what?

Well, I’m not going to tell a Windows 8 user to click on the green “start” button in the bottom left corner of their screen. Hopefully none of you are still using Windows XP… but if you’re not sure, here’s an easy way to find out which Windows operating system:

This site will not only tell you what version you’re using, but also provide instructions on how to update to Windows 8.1.

2 responses to “How to Find Out Which Windows Operating System You Have

  1. Might be the nerd in me but my goto over every version of Windows ever (or at least back to Windows 95) is to choose Start, Run, MSINFO32 . Or, in Windows 8 now, Start Button, MSINFO32 . Gives you all the goods and is consistent across all versions.

    1. Yep. That is definitely the nerd in you. 😛
      Fair feedback Sean. In my experience working with a non-technical end users, directing them to a website is much easier then having them find the Start button… although if there is not an internet connection or you need more robust details, this is an excellent alternative!

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