Keyboard Shortcut – Navigate Between Pages in Microsoft OneNote

Clicking is cool, but keyboard shortcuts are hot. I knew a keyboard shortcut existed to toggle or navigate between Microsoft OneNote notebook pages:


I assumed CTRL + DOWN ARROW would be my ticket to productivity paradise, but no dice… it just sent me to the next paragraph on the page…

After trying various combinations, including TAB, SHIFT, and ALT, I gave up and headed over to the Office Support pages to look it up.

Here’s the correct keyboard shortcut:

CTRL + PAGE UP = “Go to the previous page in the section.”


CTRL + PAGE DOWN = “Go to the next page in the section.”


Use these with PAGE UP and PAGE DOWN to scroll up and scroll down in the current page and you can give your mouse hand a well deserved break.

Other useful OneNote navigation keyboard shortcuts:

ALT + HOME = Go to first page in section.
ALT + END = Go to first page in section.

CTRL + TAB = Go to next section.
CTRL + SHIFT + TAB = Go to previous section.

Check out the whole list of keyboard shortcuts for “Working with Pages and Side Notes” provided by Microsoft Office Support here.

14 responses to “Keyboard Shortcut – Navigate Between Pages in Microsoft OneNote

  1. You can use ALT+Left Arrow and ALT+Right Arrow to back and forth between any two pages, even sub-pages in the middle of two different sections. =]

    1. Thanks for the tip Charles! I played around with it and find the result slightly unpredictable – it doesn’t react the way I’d expect it to. I am glad you pointed this out, as it’s inspired me to make a video showing how the different keyboard shortcuts work. I do agree ALT and arrow keys are much easier to reach. I always have to look down at my keyboard to locate the Page Up/Page Down buttons.

      It’s interesting to note that both options ignore pages that are tucked away and hidden via the expand/minimize buttons.

  2. Hi Kelly thanks for rounding up useful onenote tips in your blog. I am still looking for a reasonable way to see or navigate to all the different things/items/paragraphs I have on my current page, which seems to be your objective too, None of the suggestions here really exposes or enumerate/ navagate the parts on the current page. Just kinda maybe

  3. It was a bit annoying to keep seeing the on-screen keyboard appearing repeatedly during start-up and there were few other sites that did not give me appropriate direction. However, the trick posted by CSch really worked.

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