Microsoft Dynamics CRM – Changing Multiple Records in 2013

Making an edit to multiple items in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 is referred to as “changing multiple records”.

The process is simple enough. (For this example, we’ll make a chance to a batch of tasks.)

1. Select the tasks you want to apply the edit to. You can select all of the tasks by clicking on the checkmark header.


2. Select the ellipse (…) to open a menu with more options. Then select edit from that list.


3. A “Change Multiple Records” menu opens in a new window. Make the change you want to apply to all the selected records, and click “Change.”


The next step that stumped me momentarily is this: All the fields that I would actually want to perform a batch change to appear to be missing!

*dun dun duuuun!*

Where could I change the Priority? The Due Date? The Activity Status? The Owner?!

Fortunately the newly designed Dynamics CRM interface is intuitive, and I only remained at a loss for a few seconds before I spotted the sideways facing triangle, which is a strong indication that extra functionality is tucked away in the minimized section.

In this case if you click on the triangle or the word “Header” the section will expand and the “missing” fields become visible.


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    1. Kamran – After I found the field I wanted to change, I used the dropdown menu or the field to make a selection, then pressed the big blue Change button in the bottom right corner of the menu to apply the change. Does that answer your question?

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