Keyboard Shortcut to Dock a Window in Windows 8

Hello. My name is Kelly and I’m a life hack addict. I admittedly spend hours cruising down Route 66 of the information highway seeking out productivity pointers and creative ways to get things done.  As I spend 70% of my life in front of a computer, there are days when I think I know all the obvious technology time-saving tricks in the book.

So you can imagine my genuine excitement when my colleague Jarrod offered a suggestion after he witnessed me wasting several minutes of our meeting fiddling with my temperamental mouse – attempting to resize the Microsoft Word window on the right side of my screen and the Internet Explorer window on the left.

DID YOU KNOW… you can dock a window to the left or right edge of the screen with a keyboard command?!

I didn’t so my squeal of excitement made a few heads turn in the office.

Here’s how:

1. Place your cursor in the window you want to dock.

2. Press and hold down the Windows (WIN) keyboard button.

3. Press the right or left arrow keyboard button depending on which side of the screen you want the window to dock to.


Thank you Jarrod!

3 responses to “Keyboard Shortcut to Dock a Window in Windows 8

  1. This also works under Windows 7 (which was one of its key features) and is super useful when a window is out of reach/outside the screen – no extra program necessary to get those windows back 🙂

  2. Very true Wolfgang. It’s amazing how a new feature can transform the way you perform your daily tasks. Certainly saved me a ton of time in the two weeks I’ve started using it on a daily basis!

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