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My Power BI Overview Slide Deck

Here’s my slide deck for the brief Power BI Overview I gave at Thursdays (May 19, 2016) Office 365 Meetup. Overview of Microsoft’s Power BI – Sean Wallbridge from itgroove Professional Services

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Uncle Rob’s Meatballs

Ok. Lame title, but it did catch your attention. 🙂 Uncle Dick wrote two great articles for the European SharePoint Conference this week in Sweden and they went live today. Check them out: Office 365 Lync and Yammer – Taking a look at Office 365 Mobile Apps –

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Agile, Telemetry and Rails. Oh My

I gave a presentation yesterday (January 22nd, 2015) on what I thought was a clever topic.  “Agile, Telemetry and Rails. Oh My”.  What did I know?  I came up with that on the sundeck of the Royal Caribbean “Oasis of the Seas” with probably more 4th Whiskey in hand and it seemed like a good …

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First round of updates for Office Apps for iPad – Print Baby Print

While it might have seemed strange to not include printing support in the first wave of Office for iPad apps (Word, Excel and PowerPoint), I guess you had to stop and deliver a 1.0 at some point and frankly, the Office Apps for iPad didn’t disappoint. That said, there was feedback and as of today, …

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SharePlus gets a face lift

I’ve evaluated probably a dozen iOS apps for SharePoint and my favourite is still SharePlus. Several reasons factor into this including reliability, ease of use, support for blogs (a rarity it seems) and support for pretty much any relevant mobile device. And now it has the iOS 7 look and feel (or rather, it has …

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OneNote makes me smile. Today it’s more iOS love and respect

Man I love me some OneNote.  And every time I notice the client in iOS gets updated, I just have to have a look.  This week, Microsoft introduced version 2.2 and pretty much only pointed out that it was “beautifully redesigned for iOS 7”.  I need to agree, as some of the attributes of the …

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7 Reasons I love Windows 8.1 and my Surface Pro 2

I love my Surface Pro 2 and Windows 8.1 Windows XP End of Service/Life is upon us (April 8th specifically) and it got me thinking about what I love most about my current platform (Surface Pro 2 and Windows 8.1).  Windows XP was good, Windows 7 was great, Windows 8 is something I love.  Touch …

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Nifty tool for showing iPhone and iPad screens on the PC

Stumbled across this nifty tool, ReflectorApp today while looking for a solution to provide better support for my family. You see, I convinced everyone in my family to get iPhones so that I wouldn’t have to help them.  This backfired a little as it seems even the iPhone can be complicated for newbs and now …

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