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Gallery: Flexi Tiles solution for SharePoint

Excited to announce this week’s Gallery release… the Flexi Tiles solution. What it does is treat your Web Parts as tiles. These tiles fit onto a grid where they can slide around and rearrange depending on the size of your screen, the number of Web Parts, and the content of your Web Parts. We show …

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Uncle Rob’s Meatballs

Ok. Lame title, but it did catch your attention. 🙂 Uncle Dick wrote two great articles for the European SharePoint Conference this week in Sweden and they went live today. Check them out: Office 365 Lync and Yammer – Taking a look at Office 365 Mobile Apps –

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First round of updates for Office Apps for iPad – Print Baby Print

While it might have seemed strange to not include printing support in the first wave of Office for iPad apps (Word, Excel and PowerPoint), I guess you had to stop and deliver a 1.0 at some point and frankly, the Office Apps for iPad didn’t disappoint. That said, there was feedback and as of today, …

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Canada Day Present–New OneNote 2.0 for iPad released

Kick Ass and Happy Canada Day, eh? I woke up, the sun was shining, birds were tweeting (can we use that term about birds still?) and low and behold, my iPad and iPhone App stores were telling me I had a new present waiting for me. Yep, OneNote for iPad/iPhone (and Android) has received a …

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Office Web Apps 2013 and Project Server Licensing

Thanks to Robert in our office who took care of answering the following questions for me (thanks Rob), and now I’m sharing them with you… Here’s the questions (and answers) I asked Rob: Office Web Apps 2013 In 2010, if you had volume licensing, for each user you bought a volume license for, you could …

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Come on down Developers. The Windows Store is open for business!

Hey folks, As of September 11, 2012, the Windows Store is officially open for Business.  And this means developers are now able to submit Windows Store Apps to the store. How to get started Get all the details here: How to sign up If you have an MSDN Subscription, Dreamspark account (for students in …

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