Gallery: Flexi Tiles solution for SharePoint

Excited to announce this week’s Gallery release… the Flexi Tiles solution.

What it does is treat your Web Parts as tiles. These tiles fit onto a grid where they can slide around and rearrange depending on the size of your screen, the number of Web Parts, and the content of your Web Parts.

We show you a live demo of how the Flexi Tiles work in the walkthrough. Actually, the Gallery itself has a very similar functionality. If you head to the Gallery and play with the screen size, you’ll get a pretty good idea of the feel.

We wanted to come up with a solution that would look good on all devices with all orientations. I’m always using my iPad at home. As more people use mobile devices and especially with the new SharePoint for mobile, it’s important that our solutions look slick no matter what.

Really proud of our talented team’s ability to produce amazing and beautiful solutions that we can share with others.

Check out the Flexi Tiles solution at