The Best Halloween Virtual Backgrounds for Microsoft Teams and Zoom

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With the spooky season of Halloween creeping up on us, we want you to be readily armed with some awesome virtual Halloween backgrounds for Microsoft Teams and Zoom. If you are looking to jazz up your video call backgrounds (some call them wallpapers), these make a great conversation starter for all of your virtual meetings! 

If you’re squeamish, act with caution: these backgrounds may give your work colleagues a fright, but they may catch you first! We have the best virtual backgrounds from scary movies below, including the Harry Potter Halloween scene background and the iconic characters from Corpse Bride. We bring the best scenes from Halloween movies to your Microsoft Teams, Zoom or Webex virtual backgrounds! 

Scary Movies Virtual Backgrounds 

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone 

Harry Potter Virtual Call Background Halloween Scene

Corpse Bride  

Corpse Bride Movie Background


IT scary clown virtual background

Friday the 13th 

Friday the 13th scary movie virtual background

Texas Chainsaw Massacre 

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Scary Background Image

The Haunted Mansion 

Disney Haunted Mansion Virtual Background

The Conjuring 2 

The Conjuring scary movie background

The Shining  

The Nightmare Before Christmas 

The Nightmare Before Christmas virtual background

Fun Halloween Virtual Backgrounds 

When you think of Halloween, you think of pumpkins right? Make sure everybody knows Halloween is coming up with a Pumpkin Halloween virtual call background, or add some creepy skies and bats to the mix. 

Fun Halloween House Virtual Background 

Halloween Skies Virtual Background  

Moon and Bats Halloween Virtual Background 

Scary Virtual Backgrounds 

Skeleton Skull Virtual Background 

Zombie Virtual Backgrounds 

Scary Zombie Teams Virtual Background

Scary Spider Virtual Background 

Masked Ghost Virtual Background 

Scary Killer Virtual Background 

Halloween Mask Virtual Background 

Scary Bathroom Scene Virtual Background 

Clown Virtual Background 

Cozy Fall Virtual Backgrounds 

Pretty Fall Interior Virtual Background 

Pretty Fall Virtual Background for Zoom

Pretty Pumpkin Interior Virtual Background 

Cozy fall background for Microsoft Teams

Fall Scenic Virtual Backgrounds 

Pretty Autumn Virtual Backgrounds for Microsoft Teams

Did you like our Halloween virtual backgrounds? Will you be showing your scary movie virtual Zoom background in a meeting anytime soon? We hope your colleagues love them.  

Let us know what your favourite Halloween or scary movie backgrounds are! 

For any cloud service IT needs, be sure to think of Regroove as your Canadian partner. 

Looking for more virtual backgrounds? Check out Sean’s blog which has loads of fun virtual backgrounds ready to download here.

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