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Resolving Nintex Forms Issue with SharePoint Masterpage (Custom Minimal)

We were seeing an issue with Nintex Forms throwing a correlation error in SharePoint 2013 when using a custom masterpage built from a SharePoint minimal masterpage. You can see the error we were seeing below. In this case, the resolution is actually quite easy. All that’s needed is to remove the DeltaSPWebPartManager code block from …

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Sending an Email to a SharePoint Group Using Nintex

What I was looking to determine was what would happen if I sent an email to a SharePoint group, as opposed to explicitly defining a set of users in a workflow variable.  Up until now, I’d never really known what would happen when sending email to a SharePoint group, so here’s what I found. As …

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Failed to Publish Workflow

You may have come across this message in SharePoint 2010, and thought you did everything to resolve it (except, perhaps the most obvious thing I’ll mention below). Message from webpage: Server was unable to process request. Failed to publish workflow: It appears that Nintex Workflow 2010 is not activated for this Web Application.  Check you …

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Previous Workflow Versions in Nintex Workflow

It occurred to me that even though I knew several older versions of workflows existed as part of creating workflows, I had never actually thought of how to get at these older versions (as I never really needed to revert to older versions before).  I was prompted to look into this, and this is what …

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How to Clear a Date Field in a Nintex Workflow

Ok, here’s the situation, my parents went away on a week’s vacation.  Oh, wait, no, never mind – I’m not the Fresh Prince from the 1980’s.  The real story begins like this.  I was working on a problem for a customer where I needed to copy an item with metadata from one library (with a …

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