Resolving Nintex Live Resource Object with Key “Management_Title” was not Found Issue

I recently came across an issue in the Nintex installation where Nintex Live did not appear to completely install successfully.  I was installing the 2.3.2 (English only) version of Nintex.  The installer ran to completion just fine, and the deployment of the WSP’s all worked without any kind of error, but as soon as I tried to launch the Nintex Live Configuration tool in Central Admin, I ran into this error.

Error: The resource object with key ‘Management_Title’ was not found.



Note that the customer I was installing this on had a previous version of Nintex (2.2.x), so this was not a brand new installation, but they never had Nintex Live installed previously.

I worked with Nintex support on this one, and ruled out all the normal suspects – an IISReset, reinstall (retract & redeploy the NintexLiveCore.wsp), repair install, rebooting, restarting the SharePoint timer service, and none of them resolved the issue.

The suggestion I got from Nintex support was as follows.

Please run your SharePoint 2010 management shell as an administrator (right click and select as Run as Administrator) and then run this command: Install-LiveService

This command will copy the required resources to your environment. For some reason the Live installation hasn’t completely successfully.

And Voila, success! Hopefully this can help someone else out there who may run into the same situation.

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  1. “Hopefully this can help someone else out there”. Indeed it can help.

    I wonder why this tip does not appear in the Nintex support web site. (or should I not wonder?)

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