April 2020: What’s Going On With Regroove

Ready to digitize your paper based forms? Contact Regroove – we can help move your business online!

3 Steps to Get Clean Data, Fast

We blogged about…

Virtual Meetings 101
Kayla wrote about virtual meetings in Microsoft Teams versus Zoom.

Virtual Meetings 101

Electronic Forms
Regroove wrote a story about expediting digital payments to keep cash flowing with electronic forms.

Expediting Digital Payments

Bring Your Business Online
Kayla wrote a blog about how to bring your business online.

Bringing Your Business Online

Digital Forms
Kyle recorded a video on how to go hands free and get clean data with digital forms.

Go Hands Free, Get Clean Data with Digital Forms

We met with…

Victoria Office 365 User Group: April 2020 Recap
Thank you to Rhia Wieclawek and Karin Spakski for presenting!

Artificial Intelligence in Office 365

We shared…

Here are a couple stories from our friends who are moving their businesses online using Microsoft Office 365:

We learned…

…that you can correct typos quickly in a Teams post by pressing the up arrow on your keyboard twice!

This handy keyboard shortcut is universal for most chat programs. What the how-to video here.

…that you can add your own fun background images for your Microsoft Teams video meeting.

To see how you add your own images and see a collection of fun images. Read the blog post here.