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Implementing Single Sign-On Successfully at Pathway Legal Law Firm

Pathway Legal Law Corporation is a family law firm based in Victoria, B.C., focusing exclusively on family and divorce law. In business for over 25 years, Pathway Legal has developed a reputation for efficient resolutions of family law matters.  


Pathway Legal reached out to Regroove to eliminate excessive server costs due to large amounts of data they were housing. The client’s server expenses exceed $3,000 per month. Pathway Legal wanted to become a more modern, cloud-based law firm, while limiting the server costs related to housing data from 2001 forward.   

Alongside a full Microsoft Office setup, Teams Voice, and server tidying, Regroove ensured that going forward, everything would be cloud based. 


To reduce the costs for Pathway Legal, all data on the server was moved to SharePoint Online and Microsoft Teams. This ensured the client’s data was easily accessible and secure, while significantly reducing their data storage costs.  

As part of this process, the benefit of using single sign-on with supported Microsoft 365 applications and services was now possible.  Simply put they could now access all the available Microsoft 365 applications and services without having to login multiple times with different passwords. 

With this in place Pathway Legal staff could effortlessly access the tools and services they required like Teams and SharePoint, thus promoting greater productivity and efficiency. 

Outcome and Benefits  

5 benefits of single sign-on from Regroove.

There are several benefits associated with single sign-on. The most important benefits for Pathway Legal included: 

  • The ability to access information from any location with just one login 
  • A lighter environment with less hardware to carry, due to a centralized system 
  • No need to contact IT every time a server issue arose as everything was cloud based 
  • Increased safety  
  • Added security and convenience when signing into applications hosted in a centralized environment 

Regroove gave us never ending patience and guided us to the solution that was needed whilst walking us through the process.   

Val Hemminger, Owner & Lawyer, Pathway Legal


Pathway Legal was looking for a whole transformation of its workplace using Microsoft 365. Increasing security, efficiency and time effectiveness were important for the law firm and gaining the benefit of single sign-on was an important part of this process.  

Not only did Pathway Legal enter the world of Microsoft, but they took their expensive server to the cloud and added extra security by using Microsoft products to align their products, passwords and subscriptions to one secure and centralized log-in. 

This solution was built using: 

How can you implement single sign-on at your organization? 

Regroove can set up single sign-on for your business or workplace and ensure that your workers are secure and that your data is safe. Making sure your users can authenticate with one set of credentials across all Microsoft tools and applications, as well as other cloud, software-as-a-service, and on-premises applications is the highly recommended in terms of security. 

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