Microsoft Teams for Education During Covid-19

Schools are closed but Education doesn’t have to stop. Microsoft Teams for Education makes it possible to continue learning remotely during this Global “Social Distancing” time.

With Teams for Education your Teachers will be able to:

  • Conduct online classes and lectures with all their students
  • Conduct online meetings with students groups or anyone via their email

Teams for Education includes the necessary tools to manage classes and remote learning such as Assignments, Grade books and Notebooks.

Teams for Education is a “Free” service if you are a verified accredited academic institution.

If your institution has already been verified then Office 365 A1 licenses for both Teachers and Students include Teams for Education services.

Don’t let Covid-19 stop the “Learning”

The world is very different right now amidst the Covid-19 crisis but learning doesn’t have to suffer. Teams for Education can help to continue the “Learning”, keep Students and Teachers involved and promote social interaction.

Stay safe, stay involved, stay social and keep learning with Microsoft Teams for Education.