How To Pin an Application To Microsoft Teams Navigation

What is a “Pinned Application”?

“Pinned Applications” in Teams appear in the Navigation Menu. The purpose of this post is to outline the process of “Pinning” applications. This is accomplished by using the Teams Apps Permission and Setup Policies from the Teams Admin portal.

Why Would I Want to “Pin” an Application in Teams?

Your company might have an Org-wide requirement to use a specific Application and if you are using Teams then “Pinning” this app to the navigation menu is the perfect place to for your users to access it. Some examples could include: Trello, Adobe, Dynamics 365 and many more that are available from the Microsoft Teams Store.

How to “Pin” an Application in MS Teams

For this example I am going to use an app called Navo, which can be found in the Microsoft Teams Store. You will also need to have the Teams Admin role and access to the Teams web or client app.

Let’s “Pin!”

Step 1

  • Access Teams Admin from Office 365 Admin Portal
  • Select Teams Apps -> Permission Policies
  • The Teams Permissions Policy called “Global (Org-wide default)” is sufficient to use unless you specifically require a Custom Policy
  • Under Setup Policies create a new “custom” policy
  • We will use this policy to add the Navo app and pin it to the Teams Navigation Bar

Step 2

  • From the App setup policies window select the check mark to the left of the new “custom” policy created in Step 1 and choose Manage Users

Here you will search for and add users you wish to apply this policy to

Step 3

  • Choose the custom policy you created in Step 1 and select Add Apps

Step 4

  • Choose the Teams Permissions Policy called “Global” or a custom policy if you opted to create one
  • Search for the app in the Microsoft Store and select “Add”
  • Use the Move UP or Move Down to place the app in the Navigation Menu

Step 5

  • Verify the app appears in Teams navigation pane, in our case Navo.

This can take up to 1 hour before the new custom app appears in the Navigation Pane.

That’s it!

Happy “App Pinning”

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