Microsoft Teams: My Typical Morning

In the Modern Workplace there can be a lot of new gadgets, widgets, apps and tools. I’ve tried many, I’ve liked many but not as much as I “Love” Microsoft Teams!

My Typical Work Day Morning

  1. I get to work and I get coffee (this is a must for so many reasons)
  2. I sit down at my desk, which to paint a visual picture, has so much more surface space since I no longer require the “traditional” desk phone
  3. I sit back in my chair ready for the day and I open Microsoft Teams. And that’s it… this is where I will do 98% of my work for the day.

Remember the days of logging into your workstation and opening Outlook, Excel, Skype (or Messenger if you can recall that far back), Calendar, a few Internet browsers and oh so many more apps that seemed to be impossible to live without…. Or? Do you still do this?

When I get a call I answer from Teams. No fuss and just a head set, or in my case, an ear piece.

When I make a call I make it from? You guessed it…Teams!

When I have a meeting I meet in Teams, I record in Teams, I upload my recording to Teams and.. I share my recording in Teams!

When I need to check my Planner Tasks I do it from Teams.

When I need to send a message to my work folks I do it from Teams.

Forward a call, search for conversations or files, access SharePoint, create a Microsoft Form, create a Microsoft Flow, watch a Microsoft Stream video, work on Office apps, or Power Apps or One Note…ALL FROM TEAMS!

Yep that’s pretty much my day in a nutshell. One app, one place and lots of desk space.