Microsoft Teams – My Favorite Top 5 Features

#5 – Location, Location, Location

I can be anywhere, literally, and still connect to my colleagues with Teams. I can choose from my mobile phone app if I am on the go or I can connect to the Teams online web app from any location/device that has internet access.

#4 – One Window, No More Clutter

The Teams app has everything I need to get work done. It’s my phone, my conversations with colleagues and where I work out loud on projects. It’s where I access files, schedule meetings and choose the apps I want to work with most often.

#3 – Collaborate with External Users

With Teams you can invite external users to work on projects, share files and keep the dialogue going. Bye bye emails… I’ve got Teams!

#2 – Super Secure, Super Secret

If you have the need for a secure place to conduct secret projects, meetings or chats then Teams can help with the finally released “Private Channels” A super secure and isolated way for users to create private spaces from right inside a Team.

#1 – Pinned Custom Apps

With Teams App Policies you can pick your favorite apps and pin them to the side bar. Super simple but wait… you can also enable Custom apps! So if your company likes building stuff like we do then you can create a policy to Pin it to sidebar for all to use.