Office Pro Plus Includes Teams

Just a quick post so you don’t pull out your hair on this one. Is Teams included in Office Pro Plus installs? Yes!

In the past, Microsoft Teams was a separate installation from Office 365 ProPlus. But starting with Version 1902, Teams is included as part of new installations of Office 365 ProPlus.

Great! So what’s the problem then?

It appears that when you install Office Pro Plus that “includes” Teams, it doesn’t show up after install. I deployed the new version both as ODT (Office Deployment Tool) and regular install from Office 365 portal. Both had same result….Teams did not appear to be installed.

The Kicker!

Either wait 45 mins after each type of install for Teams to “automagically” appear OR (faster method) restart the device and upon login Teams will auto load after about 15 seconds.