Office 365 Secure Score – What is it?

The tool can be accessed here at

The output of this tool provides an online tool representative of your “Secure Score” with regards to your Good and Bad tenancy scores.

The page is “filterable” so that you can display between Good or Fix, the latter provides links to the issues that require “Fixing”… Kind of. I guess this is why this tool is in Preview. I expected to be “Linked” directly to the page where I was to “Fix” the issue but instead I was simply directed to the O365 Admin page for many of the Behavior issues.

In the end while I did appreciate learning that many areas in my tenancy could use some improvement with regards to security I was disappointed by the lack of “remediation info” provided.

This tool is good at providing an overview of what is not configured and what could be improved. For someone who knows there way around Office365 and its many features etc. this tool could work but as it stands now it is not for the average user.

As stated above this tool is in its infancy (preview) but I hope that it sticks around and that it is improved on as I believe it has the potential to become a very powerful tool when detecting weaknesses in security for Office 365.