How to Switch Between Organizations in the Microsoft Teams App

Hey! If you are watching this video, it is likely because you’ve started working with Regroove, and you need to learn how to switch between different organization’s Teams accounts.

If you look in the top right hand corner of (the) Teams app, you will notice to the left of your avatar, there will be a drop-down menu.

The name listed here is the name of the organization’s Teams account that you are currently in.

To switch to a different organization’s Teams account:

  1. Select the drop-down (menu)
  2. Then choose the name of the organization that you want to switch to.

I am currently in the Regroove account so I am going to move over to the Pear Inc account.

After making the switch, I will be able to see all of the Chat messages and Teams posts in this account.

And then to head back to your original account:

  1. Use the drop-down (menu) again and you’ve now moved back, in this case to the Regroove account, where the Chat and notification messages will be different.