Moving Tasks from OneNote to To Do and then to Outlook

Task management is hard.

With this simple “workflow”, life can get a little easier.
Here’s how I manage my tasks:

  1. For every meeting, assign someone to be the meeting scribe and type out a task list in OneNote using To Do tags.
    • Pro Tip: Start each task with task owner’s initials and end each task with due date.
  2. At end of meeting, each person goes to the shared Notebook. They then copy the text containing their tasks from OneNote onto their clipboard.
  3. Open To Do (on the web). Paste the tasks into the “add a task” field. This creates a new task for each line.
    • Pro tip: Don’t use bullets for a clearer experience.
  4. Open Outlook calendar and use the “My Day” button to open the pane.
  5. Drag To Do tasks from your Tasks list into your calendar to plan out your day.

Here is a screenshot of where to locate the “My Day” button in Outlook calendar online:

Using the My Day feature in the Outlook calendar

Here is a video of how to copy tasks from OneNote to To Do:

How to Copy Tasks from OneNote to Microsoft ToDo

This solution requires you to use:

  • The Windows 10 app for OneNote
  • The browser/web-based version of To Do
  • The browser/web-based version of Outlook calendar

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