A Son is Born, Introducing Alvin LaForest

Several readers asked me to post an announcement with photos when my son was born, so here is an update, several months late…

Rick LaForest and Kelly LaForest are happy to announce the birth of our son “Alvin”, officially named Albert Richard LaForest V (the fifth), who was born on April 22, 2019 at Victoria General Hospital.

Alvin LaForest One Day Old
One day old

I also have to share a photo of a gift I received from the Microsoft OneNote Product Team and the Microsoft OneNote MVPs. Check it out:

2 months old

❤ to Marjolein Hoekstra, Laura Butler, Angela Schnell, Kathleen Vilchez, and Joel Rushworth for putting together this special surprise.

If you want to see 10,000 photos of Alvin, I suggest following my Instagram account, where I post photos of my son, my husband, my cat, and the occasional scrumptious plate of food.

If you have personal questions about him or the birth, please skip the comments section, and reach out to me directly at my personal email: [email protected].