Top Three Paid Online Image and Icon Collections

These are my top three website that I visit when I when I have a few dollars in the budget for a special project to spend, I want to find stunning, creative, royalty-free stock photos and sharp, clever icons.


Top Three Paid Options:

  1. Font Awesome Pro – The paid version has 1,700 professional vector icons that are worth exploring.
  2. Icon Finder Paid – Search through 2,388,680 SVG and PNG icons. 50 downloads per month for $19/month. There are premium icons that cost extra – pricing varies per icon.
  3. Stocksy United – Check them out if you have a budget and want stunning, creative, royalty-free stock photos. Pricing varies per image from $15/image for small (0.5 MP, 72 dpi) to $125/image for XL (12MP, 300dpi). Has a neat “Visual Search” feature that allows you to drag and drop an image into the engine to find visually similar content in the curated collection.


What is your favourite paid stock photo or icon website?
Share yours in the comments below.