Top Six Best Random Text Generators

I’m grateful Microsoft changed the random text up and we don’t have to stare at paragraphs of “the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog” anymore.

I do like that the sample text that is inserted into a Word 2016 document when you type =rand() is informative, and offers tips on new features in Word 2016.

However I’m starting to get tired of using it in every training classes. Fortunately we don’t have to go back to using =lorem()

There are dozens of ipsum lorem generators on the internet that you can use to generate random text.

Here’s some of my favourites for foodies:

For some funny ipsum lorem generators that are safe for work:

BONUS: My all-time favourite ipsum lorem generator is hilarious however is NOT SAFE for Work – you’ve been warned – should appeal to fellow fans of the television show Arrested Development: It’s Arrested Ipsum

Mashable also has an article with 56 Unique Lorem Ipsum Generators that you can check out.

Which is your favourite ipsum lorem generator?

Share yours in the comments below.