OneNote Tools – Add-ins and Extras

[UPDATE: May 5, 2017 – There’s now an easier way to get Office Lens on your device. I’ve updated the links below. Kudos to Marjolein at @OneNoteC for the tip! – KM]


After you’ve been using OneNote as a new user for a while, you may encounter a few scenarios where add-ins and extras will come in handy. Here are three tools and add-ins that I love and use every day:

Clipping Tool:

One of the best features of OneNote is for saving research while you are browsing the internet.

If you are using Microsoft Edge as your browser, then you’re probably familiar with the Web Note feature that allows you to make, save, and share web notes right into OneNote with one click.

The issue? This feature is only compatible with the OneNote App for Windows 10. If you are a OneNote 2016 user like myself, or you use another browser (I use Chrome) then you want to use the OneNote Clipper.

OneNote Clipper for the Browser:

Add the OneNote Web Clipper to your web browser so you can save, annotate, and organize anything from the web.
Includes: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE, Edge, etc.
Note: You need the free Anniversary update for Clipper to work in Edge.
Paste this link into the browser of your choice to install:


Scanning Tool:

For anyone who uses whiteboards during meetings, exchanges business cards, or receives printed datasheets, using a tool that allows you to take images that are comparable to using a scanner is invaluable, especially when you can save directly into your OneNote Notebook.

Office Lens App:

This app will be interacting with the OneNote App on your iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, or Windows 10 device. To get the app, click on this ‘magical’ cross-platform link to install Office Lens on the device you’re currently using.

Note: Some of my colleagues are using Scanbot and finding the experience and output image much cleaner. I just downloaded it last week so will provide an update when I have an opinion to share. (OneNote is not listed in the “Add a service” list, however if you press Share you can use your device’s list to select OneNote).


Welcome to MacroLand:

OneNote 2016 is a powerful version of OneNote, however there are some features and functions that you’d expect to find that are missing. The solution? My hands-down favourite add-in for OneNote is Onetastic. True to its name it is fantastic!

The add-in lets you install macros into the program that can allow you to do some amazing things.
A few of my favourite features: Crop images, Rotate images, and Favourites.
A few of my favourite macros: Sort pages, Create TOC, Search and Replace, Where Am I Navigation, and Word Count!

Onetastic for OneNote:

Macros for OneNote 2016
Note: Using the macros does require a Pro account.

Note: I will be diving into the list of Onetastic macros in greater detail in future posts – reviewing my favourites and providing tips, tricks, and examples of how you can use them to enrich your OneNote experience. Stay tuned!


BONUS – Importing Tool:

I have never used Evernote, but I did setup an account when I bought my new Android phone. I plan to explore the Evernote App in the future to understand what it is like – the pros and cons – and to be able to provide an informed comparison with the OneNote App.

For those of you who are ready to make the switch to OneNote from Evernote, here is a handy time-saving tool:

Evernote Importer Tool:

A tool to migrate all of your Evernote content into OneNote.

What is your favourite OneNote add-in or tool?

Share your favourites in the comments.


[UPDATE: May 5, 2017 – There’s now an easier way to get Office Lens on your device. I’ve updated the links below. Kudos to Marjolein at @OneNoteC for the tip! – KM]