New Mantra: I Am Proficient with Technology.

I recently did a coaching session for a new staff member at HeroWork on general Office 365 101 and how to use the Office 365 Admin Console. The perfectionist inner critic that lives in my head was shocked to hear the positive feedback I received afterward. I always feel like I know nothing because there is sooooooooo much to know in SharePoint and Office 365.

I honestly have to stop calling myself “the least technical person in the itgroove office” and accept that no one is the ‘least’ technical. This is not the weakest link. Technology is massive, and each of us has our niche that we excel at.

I may not know how to patch a server, write JavaScript, or build a workflow – but I can coach a person through how to use almost every single button in OneNote from memory. I can also walk a person through how to perform basic SharePoint list and site configuration over the phone without even looking at their screen. Those are not skills that you associate with a luddite. It is time to change my mantra to:

“I am proficient with technology. I know what I know, and what I don’t know, I am capable of learning.”