Can You Create a Paragraph Link in the Middle of a Paragraph in OneNote?

In the final installment of blog posts to address a series of questions left remaining from a blog post I wrote in June 2014, “Microsoft OneNote – The Magic of the “Copy Link to Paragraph” button“, I answer one remaining question:

“Can you link to text in a middle of a paragraph in OneNote?”

Reminder: Everything written here after is applicable to OneNote 2013 and OneNote 2016::
(What about the OneNote App and OneNote Online? Read this to understand why the following is not applicable).

Also, if you want to see the other questions and answers, here are some links: Changing Paragraph Text,  Moving Paragraph Text, and Moving Pages with Paragraph Links.

Let’s give it a try!

I placed a cursor in the middle of a paragraph. I made sure to place my cursor at the start of a sentence to keep things simple.


I was surprised and excited that the “Copy Link to Paragraph” button was available in the menu when I right-clicked on the text in the middle of the paragraph.


Yet pasting the link from the clipboard onto a different page did not give me the results I had hoped for. See:


Note that the Paragraph Link matches the text at the start of the paragraph, not the text where I inserted my cursor.


I also tried highlighting the text “Gumbo kakadu plum komatsuna black-eyed pea” and repeating the right-click and “Copy Link to Paragraph” button, and got the same result. Bummer, but not the end of the world.

Keep calm and Paragraph lLnk on!