Advanced Settings for Password Protecting Information in OneNote 2016

If you are interested in using the Password functionality in OneNote 2016 (or 2013), here is a handy tip to change settings from the ribbon:

To quickly access OneNote’s “Advanced Options”, you can:

  1. Click the Review Tab
  2. Click on the Password button
  3. Click on the “Password Options…” text at the very bottom of the Passwords Pane.

This will grant you quick link to the Advanced Section of the “OneNote Options” pop-up menu.


If you scroll down to the bottom of the Advanced Options section, you’ll see a Password section. There’s three key options that you can select and modify based on the level of security you require.

The following screenshot shows how I prefer to keep my settings customized:


As I am on a work device primarily, security is important so I tend to keep these settings tight, although not as tight as I could keep them.

As you can see I prefer to keep password-protected sections unlocked even when I navigate away from the section, but after 5 minutes, the section will auto-lock again.

If you are using a home or personal computer, you may want to adjust the duration of time OneNote keeps the section unlocked. Here are your options:


The option to enable add-in programs to access password protected sections when they are unlocked is something I will explore in a future post series when I dive into Onetastic. I have had some issues with certain Onetastic macros not working in Notebooks with password protected sections. Stay tuned!

Summary: Customize these settings to whatever fits your needs.

Check here for the basics of Password Protecting Information in OneNote 2016.