Grow, Shrink, Scale, and Crop an Image with OneNote Online

Most of my posts focus on OneNote 2016 (or 2013) because it is the full-featured, but it is time to explore some of the other options for using OneNote, such as the browser version, OneNote Online, as well as the OneNote App. Many may question my logic as there is still a lot more to write about in the desktop program, but what I’m quickly learning is that by having my blinders on, I may be  left behind in the roadmap of where OneNote is going.

In other words, being a purist has resulted in my missing  opportunities to use brand new functionality in OneNote.

For example, in OneNote Online, the Microsoft OneNote team have added helpful and greatly needed functionality that is not available in OneNote 2016 (without the installation of a third-party add-in like Onetastic).

In OneNote Online you can grow, shrink, and *drum roll* CROP images!

Check it out:

  1. Click the image with your cursor to select it. The anchors will appear in all the corners and the sides of the image.
  2. Right-click to open the menu.

You now have the option to grow, shrink, or crop your image right within the menu.

Step 1:


Step 2:


Additionally, when you click the image with your cursor to select it, and the anchors appear, a new contextual tab pops up in the Ribbon. In the Picture Tools Tab you can access the three buttons I mentioned earlier, as well as a Scale field where you can increase or decrease the size of your image with precision.

Ribbon Minimized:


Ribbon Expanded:


It’s great to see that functions that the community actively asked for are being incorporated into the interface. For users that are unaware of Onetastic, or unable to use Onetastic, perhaps because of a corporate download policy, this addition unlocks key functionality that we used to have to turn to an entirely different program to perform.

Happy Cropping!