New Year, New Writing Style for Oh365Eh

In the past, my blog posts have tended to be very detailed instructional how to posts, stuffed with step-by-step screenshots. It’s a labour of love, but one that takes a lot of time.

Already a month into 2016, I’m finding that I am struggling to make time to write posts of that caliber due to my current commitments.

(To be honest, it’s not the writing part that’s taking time, it’s the finishing part – I have an entire notebook bursting with half written blog posts and topics ideas that I don’t have the heart to post until they are “just right”.)

To ease the nagging in my noggin, I’ve decided to switch up my standard writing style. This will be the year of the “short and sweet” blog posts.

The key is to get these tips, tricks, opinions, and thoughts into this blog right away. No more tucking them away into my OneNote Notebook and never getting around to posting them.

Office 356 changes so frequently that many of these insights are time sensitive so “half-written” or not, they are getting posted.