How to Delay Sending an Email in Outlook

Happy Friday folks! I don’t know what you’re up to today, but my boss is on a boat.

So when the outcome of our weekly company Lunch and Learn was a short list of to-do items for him, I knew better than to send him an email. Because, come on, when you’re on a boat on a sunny Friday afternoon, you don’t want to be getting an email notification on your phone with list of “do this” and “do that”. (If you didn’t already know this, Sean’s state of zen is directly related to the number of emails in his inbox. His favourite place to be is at zero.)

When I want to send an email in the future, I usually followed one of two methods:

(1) Leave the written email in my drafts and hope future Kelly is sharp enough to remember to check drafts come Monday.

(2) Pop a reminder in my calendar for Monday morning to send it.

#2 gets the job done on time, but it’s really creating more work, when I want to be working smarter.

I hadn’t actually set up a delay delivery on an email before so I was scanning the Message tab for the words “Schedule Email” with no luck, so I looked it up.

You’re welcome Future Kelly!

Here’s the steps for future reference:


Outlook 2013 - Delay Delivery - Step 2

Delay or schedule sending email messages: